Microsoft Access

This is the Microsoft database program, it lets you collect and store information, search and sort when looking for information and finally present the information in easy to understand reports. A well designed database allows users who do not know the database to easily use it, think of databases you might have used on the internet, Facebook, Email, Amazon and many other websites.


Tables are for storing and organising information, use field names, data types, input masks and combo boxes for simple tables and add validation to reduce mistakes.


Forms give you an easy way to enter data. You can create an easy to use layout and include search tools to help users find a specific record.


Queries allow you to search for records in the database that meet your chosen criteria, show the results in a specific order and can be saved to use whenever they are needed. You can sort and filter data, use comands like AND, OR and NOT, include wildcards and ask users to enter the criteria that they are looking for.


Reports allow you to create customised views of the results from your tables and queries. You can use them to present the information neatly and add your company style to them. They can look like a simple table, a letter or an invoice or any other way you need.


Switchboards allow you to create menu pages that will help users enter, edit and find the information that they need from your database without needing to know how to use Access.