Computer Science - CS01 Logo


During this unit you will be learning how to program an onscreen turtle to draw shapes, solve mazes, and create a fireworks display

You will start out learning simple instructions to make the turtle move, turn and to pick up and put down the pen to draw lines of different colours

Next you will learn how to make your programs more efficient using reeats and procedures that save you typing out very long programs to solve the same problems

Debugging, all programmers make typing mistakes or other mistakes in their programs you will learn how to search for and solve these mistakes to get your code running correctly

Algorithms, you will learn how to write algorithms to design your program before you begin to code it You will draw your algorithms as flowcharts so make sure that you have your school email address and password so that you can log on to OneDrive to create and share your work


You will be using a free program called MSW logo to write your computer programs. It is a great idea to download this and install it at home so that you can get extra pracice programming and to help you to complete your homework.

Download MSW Logo

You can also practice using logo by visiting this website and using their online version of Logo

Online Logo

OneDrive, you will make use of your online storage and the online version of powerpoint to record your algorithms so that you can complete them for homework