Microsoft Excel

Excel is a spread sheet program, this is a program that is designed for working with numbers, tables of data, calculations and graphs. In a spread sheet the computer should always do the maths for you. It will be faster and more accurate to use a spread sheet if you need to do more than one set of calculations or if you want to see how simple changes alter the results.


Setting information out in tables makes it much easier to read and understand, using the rows and columns is just the start, add, borders, backgrounds, change the widths and heights of rows and columns.


Charts make it much easier to see the data, make comparisons and spot trends. Choosing the correct type of chart is an important skill good charts help people to understand the data.


Whenever you need to do maths in a spread sheet you should always get the computer to do the maths for you using a Formula or Function. This might be a little slower at first but the computer will then update the answers as soon as you change any of the numbers in the spread sheet which is much faster. (Remember to check that the formula gives the correct answer – estimate or work one out by hand)


Models are spread sheets that show you what would happen if you make changes to the amounts or values that you use. They can include charts that make it easy to spot the changes you have made.