Microsoft Access

Access is the Microsoft Office relational database program.

A database is a way of collecting and storing information in a logical way; for example an address book in alphabetical order. Computer databases allow you to create tables to store information, each record (set of intformation) is broken up into fields (small pieces of data) this makes it easy to reorganise the information, for example from alphabetical order to date order of a different field. Databases can also link more than one set of information together by using several tables; for example a simple library database may have tables for the library users, the books and a table to record which books have been taken out of the library and when they are due to be returned.
The information can also be filtered to show records of one type and more complex searches can be carried out to find answers to specific questions like what are the phone numbers of all of the library users who have overdue books, or which users have taken out the maximum number of books this week.
Computer databases can be set up to allow novice users to quickly enter data ans search for information while checking to make sure that they are entering the correct sort of information in each field in the database.
You may not realise it but many website you visit are databases that allow you to search for information