This section of the ICT Web contains an archive of the older version of the website including tutorials for office 2000.

The Ict Web uses Viewlet Builder 4 to create animated flash tutorials for the applications that you are most likely to use in school.The tutorials take you from basic skills for first time users through to some of the more advanced skills that will allow you to create complete solutions to every day problems. They do not aim to teach you the theory behind the skills but do use examples and simple explanations to guide you through each process. Pause the animation, move through it step by step or rewind to watch a section again.

Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office programs are the most common programs on PC's they are probably installed in your school or college but it can be very expensive to get full versions for home (the cheaper student versions do not include all of the programs that you may need to use)

Open Source/Free Software

If you do not have the Microsoft office programs at home then you may prefer to use Open Source Software, this is software that is free for you to download and use.

Open Office suite of programs that can be downloaded and installed for free. You could even continue to use these in school (just ask about having them installed on your school network).

NVu like open office can be downloaded an installed for free and can be used to make websites, this website was created using NVu and a little extra work with CSS to get the page layouts, styles and rollovers.

Google also offers some useful web based software they offer; E-mail, Calendar, an on line photo album, Spreadsheets, Word Processing and on line file storage/upload for your spreadsheets and word processed documents. Your documents, calendar and photos can all be kept private or shared with other users that you choose.

Google Picassa is a powerful photo album manager that has many useful editing tools, red eye reduction, crop, compress and export for web use are some of the main ones. There is also a link to goggle's on line photo album which allows you to upload and share your photos.

Document made with Nvu

Flash Player Open Office Flock Google Docs and Spreadsheets