Access your work anywhere

If you are the sort of person who uses several different computers but loose or break the flash drives that that carry your important information then these web sites could allow you access to everything you need and all you need remember is a a couple of website address and some usernames and passwords.

Google Docs and Spreadsheets
The power of desktop applications for wordprocessing and Spreadsheets available through your browser from any location in the world. Upload your files, edit them, allow other people access to read and edit them. Google also has Google mail, Google calendar, Google photos and Google videos.

Gliffy Logo
Draw diagrams and detailed plans using this web based application.
Bubl.us Online Mind Maps
Easy to use mind maping online. Create a mind map, share it with friends even allow them to edit it. Then save it or print it.

del.icio.us, online bookamrks
Del.icio.us allows you to share your favourite links with all of your computers, your friends, or even the whole world. Browse the links created by others or search through them for recommended sites. Use toolbars in your favourite browser to add and search your bookmarks

xdrive online file storage

Your own online file storeage space, access all your files from anywhere, share your files with friends and family.

xdrive online file storage

Online photo storage and management. Share your photos with the world, your friends or just keep them for yourself.

 xdrive online file storage

Get organised on line, keep lsits, notes and reminders online.