Websites to help you with your school work

Touch Typing Online provides a simple and easy to use touch typing tutor that can be used over the Internet. There are also download versions that run as a windows application or as a local Intranet site. There is also the option for teachers to create their own lessons for the program to access.

Health and Safety
This is an online tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know about using computers safely. If you don't follow these rules then in the long term you may end up suffering from problems with your health, like back and shoulder problems, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), problems with your eyesight or stress related illnesses.

KS3 Online Test
Information to help you to prepare for the Online test. You can not really revise for the online test as it tests how you solve the problems that you are set. The more efficient the methods that you choose the better you will do in the test.
There are posters that you can use to help learn bout the programs that you will use in the test. They work in a very similar way to the ones you use in school but they will take a little getting used to. So the more you practice using the software the better you will get.

Teach ICT
Information, games and activities to help you with your ICT

Videos, podcasts, skills and information to help you with your ICT

Websites to help you with your ICT Revision

BBC Bitesize
The ICT pages of the BBC revision website, with lots of information and practice questions.

School  Resources
Links to lots of interactive revision quizzes.

Information, past papers and interactive exam practice.