Microsoft Publisher

Publishing software gives you much more control of positioning on your pages. It is not designed for you to type up your content; however you could do this if you wanted to. It is designed to separate out the design process from the creation of content. It is focused on design and style allowing you to create templates using text and image boxes, drawings and backgrounds that you can use over and over by importing new text and images in to the set spaces. This saves time when making a weekly or monthly newsletter and you want them all to look the same. It also allows you to work in a team more effectively as several people can submit content then by importing it you can allow Publisher to control the final look of all of the sections of the work.


Page layout using text boxes, image boxes, shapes, drawings and backgrounds as well as powerful style tools to make sure that all of the text in the published document looks the same. The paste board around your page allows you to quickly drag items of the page to move them from page to page or to see how the document could look using different content.


Your content can be created by anyone anywhere using almost any tools that they have available. Text, it could be a class mate working on the next computer using Microsoft word, a journalist in another country using an on line word processor or email tools to type up a story from an internet cafe or hotel, or it could be someone tweeting or texting in reports from a dangerous location which are then edited before being added to the final publication. What they have in common is that all we are interested in is the words not the font or methods used to type them as we will remove any formatting before we import the content. For images again it does not matter whether they were taken using the latest digital SLR, compact camera or phone, sent by email, uploaded to Flickr or Facebook or sent as a multimedia message, all that matters is the image and it's quality, poor quality pictures may have to be smaller on the finished document to prevent them pixilating or distorting.

Import tools

That allow you to quickly import text and images from different sources and different file formats. Link text boxes and allow text to flow from column to column and page to page, “continued on page 3”


Tools that allow you to look at the completed document at different scales to see how it will print out (there is no print preview in Publisher - instead you are always working in the print view).