Microsoft Word

Word Processing software is designed to work with documents that are mostly text, letters, reports essays etc. They allow you to enter, edit and check text as well as insert images. Key features include Mail Merge, indexes, contents pages, adding captions to images, adding footnotes and version tracking. The difference between word processors and text editors is the ability to format the text.

Simple Documents

Word allows you to quickly create documents that combine text, images, tables and drawings to create a variety of text based documents like letters, reports and essays. Tools allow you to control the position and look of each of the different parts of your work.

Complex Documents

Word has a range of very powerful tools that allow you to add advanced features to your documents quickly and simply. Styles help you to make sure that your work looks consistent and can form the basis of automatic contents pages. Images can have captions and footnotes can be added to your work and indexes can be created to complete documents. Mail merge tools, label and address options allow you to quickly merge data from spreadsheets and databases in to your document so that you can make multiple copies for each item in the lists.


Powerful tools allow you to set up your pages to print correctly and further options like pdf and xps allow you to make read only versions of your work that look exactly like the printed documents would.